The Dedication Ceremony to officially open the exhibits
honoring Brooks County Legends, Jose M. "Chema" Alaniz,
Sulema B. Garza and Don Pedro Jaramillo,
was held Sunday, September 12, 2004 from 3:00 - 5:00 p.m.
at the Heritage Museum at Falfurrias.

Martha Garza, secretary of the Heritage Museum Board of Directors,
read the biography of the Legendary Faith Healer of Los Olmos, don Pedro Jaramillo
with several stories on how he would "heal" the faithful basically with the
use of either water, mud, tomatoes, and certain natural herbs and always
reminding the people he treated that God was the ture healer and he,
don Pedrito, was merely an instrument for God's healing power.
The Gonzalez Family of Los Olmos donated an original late 1800's portrait-on-canvas
of don Pedrito for permanent display at the Heritage Museum.
This portrait is the featured item of this display.

Lourdes Trevino-Cantu also contributed,
for temporary display, an original 1908 "Misa de Requiem" notice for a
Requiem Mass recognizing the First Anniversary of don Pedro's Death.
A descendant of don Pedrito, Dolores Villarreal, attended the dedication
ceremony and also contributed several items for the display that included a
statue, booklets and candles. Ms. Villarreal manages the don Pedrito Jaramillo Shrine
where hundreds of people still visit the burial site of the legendary faith healer of Los Olmos.

The well-known Brooks County Commissioner of Precinct 1, Jose M. "Chema" Alaniz exhibit
was opened with the reading of his biography by the Museum
Board of Director vice-president, Lourdes Treviño-Cantu.

The family of the late J.M. Alaniz contributed all the exhibit items that were placed for
permanent display at the museum. Attending the dedication were his
daughters, Hilda A. Hinojosa and Dora A. Garza and her husband, Tony Garza.
The exhibit features a portrait size picture of "Chema" on his ranch horse,
as well as newspaper articles, personal artifacts, and pictures drawn by his
wife, the late Dora Alaniz.

The Family of the late Sulema B. Garza, Treasurer of Brooks County for 35 years,
also attended the dedication of her exhibit.
Lourdes Treviño-Cantu presented Miss Garza's biography.
Featured on Miss Garza exhibit is her original office desk,
donated by mutual agreement of the Brooks County Commissioners Court in 2003.

Also on display are pictures, newspaper articles,
her favorite western boots and her original 1950's office seal.
Miss Garza's family members who attended the dedication included her nieces,
Mrs. Imelda Soliz and family and Mrs. Irene Escalante and her husband,
Hector Escalante and their family. Mrs. Soliz also brought for temporary
display the original saddlebags handmade in the late 1800's that belonged to
Miss Garza's father, the late Espidirion L. Garza. Mrs. Irene Escalante
also brought to the display two handmade patch quilts that belonged to Mrs. Garza
and have been in the family for more than 100 years.

Mr. Ramiro Sanchez serenaded the exhibit visitors and dedicated a special
song selection entitled "I Did It My Way" to the memory of the exhibit honorees.

Refreshments were served following the dedications and guests
enjoyed viewing the many interesting exhibits at the museum.

A future exhibit dedication is planned for the official opening of the
Veterans of Brooks County Exhibit featuring artifacts and memorabilia from
several wars and pictures of military veterans from Brooks County.
Of special interest wiihin this display is a picture taken of two family
members from Brooks County who served during the Confederate War.

The Heritage Museum at Falfurrias identifies itself as the "Guardians of the Past-Guardias del Pasado"
and welcome donations to continue the education of
our heritage thru the display and preservation of historical artifacts,
pictures and memorabilia at the museum.
The museum is a not-for-profit educational facility and all contributions are tax-deductible.
Current museum hours are 9:00 A.M. till 4:00 P.M. on Tuesday thru Friday
(closed during noon hour) and at 1:00 P.M. until 4:00 P.M. on Saturdays.
The museum is closed during State and National Holidays and on Sundays.
After hours tours can be arranged by appointment by calling 361-325-2907.

Submitted by
Lourdes Treviño-Cantu
Vice-President, Museum Board of Directors


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